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  • Missing Teeth Treatment in Surat

Missing Teeth Treatment in Surat

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Does your smile look dull? Are you missing a few teeth?

Maybe you’ve got a gap between your top and bottom teeth or even gaps in your front teeth. Or maybe you’ve got a few missing teeth.

If you’ve got a few missing teeth, you might not even realise they’re there. Missing teeth can look really natural and you might not even be able to tell that they’re missing until you’re looking in a mirror.

Missing teeth can affect your confidence. Your smile can look more uneven than before and you might find yourself feeling self-conscious about your teeth.

Don’t worry. Missing teeth can be fixed and your smile can be restored. They’re completely reversible.

Symptoms of missing teeth

Missing teeth can have a big impact on your confidence. You might notice that your smile looks more uneven. It could feel like your lips don’t line up with your front teeth. It’s hard to notice when you first have missing teeth but as the years go by, you might notice that you’re starting to show a little bit.

It’s possible that your teeth are moving and they won’t quite fit into their new positions. This can make your teeth look longer and flatter.

When you smile, you may notice gaps between your teeth. You may also notice gaps in your front teeth or between your teeth.

Causes of missing teeth

Missing teeth can be due to trauma or injury, decay or gum disease. Sometimes the tooth will just fall out, while other times the tooth will be taken out with forceps or a tooth puller.

Other factors can contribute to tooth loss. These include:

  • Tooth extractions
  • Periodontal disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Ageing
  • Lack of dental care

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Have questions?

How much does it cost to fix missing teeth?

The cost of restoring your teeth depends on how much work is required to restore your smile. In some cases you may need more than one visit. The price of restoring your teeth will vary across practices and locations. At the consultation visit, your dentist will advise of the overall cost.

What does it mean if you have missing teeth?

Missing teeth can be treated and your smile can be restored. The best, proven way to restore teeth is by getting professional whitening treatment from a dentist. If you have missing teeth you should see a dentist first.

How do you get rid of missing teeth?

Missing teeth can usually be fixed and your smile can be restored. To start the restoration process, you’ll need to book an appointment with a dentist.

I’m anxious about visiting the dentist.

We get it. We’re world’s happiest group of dentists so we’ve seen more scared patients than any other dental practice in the country. For most people who are scared about visiting the dentist it’s because they’ve had a bad experience in the past. Relax. Our gentle and compassionate dentists understand how you feel. Whether you’re anxious or worried about experiencing more pain or the potential cost of the treatment, the best thing to do is to let us know how you feel. Making sure you feel comfortable is part of our job.